TechNet Wiki Banners for 2017

Good day to all TechNet Wiki Gurus, Judges, and guests.

Once more, I have the honor and the privilege to write this blog in behalf of the TechNet Wiki council, where I can thank you all for great work and amazing discussions. If you are a member of TechNet Wiki community on Facebook, then this blog directed to you! It is our time to thank you for a great job, and post some of the information on decisions behind the scenes.


A year ago, I asked for help in creating a new banner for the TechNet Wiki groups on Facebook, which turned out as a great idea. We end up with small contest - 12 banners were registered to the final vote. It was really hard to rank the images, but with your help we chose a banner for the year 2016.

A year passed and time came to choose a new banner for the TNWiki group on Facebook, but this year we got another request from the council. We decided to extend the request in order to get a new banner and a new logo, that will be used for our variety activities.

Before we read forward, I want to use this opportunity to thanks syed shanu, who took the project on himself and helped a lot in organize this year contest. I could not be done without him. So, thanks syed.

We manually counted at least 136 images that were sent on Facebook!

Moreover, members gave great feedback, lot of the images were improved and re-posted several times. Everyone sent feedback, including members that did not post their version of banner. After all, not to all of us have the ability to become artists, but everyone took part in the discussions. It was really fun process, and I thank you all for participating in it.

80 new banners were registered to the final contest!

Well, if last year it was hard to hard to vote and choose a banner out of 12 final images, you can only guess what happened this year…

You can see all the pictures that made it into the final selection in this link.

Who won? What banner will be used this year?

Well, the short answer is simple, we all won :-)  

we got great stock of images, which we all can use in order to promote our community. We will use those images for future blog posts, articles, and more.

After a long month of voting and discussion (and maybe a bit of fighting, in good spirit) we came to the final 11 images. Yep, we could not choose a single banner, since there were so many great options. Therefore, we chose one banner for each month, and we will probably use all the rest of the images as well, during the year and afterward.

Here are the images that were selected to be used in the Facebook groups:

1. kamlesh-kumar-11 Kamlesh Kumar 11 7. kia-zhi-tang-01Kia Zhi Tang 01
2. anoop-kumar-sharma-01Anoop Kumar Sharma 01 8. kamlesh-kumar-18Kamlesh Kumar 20
3. vimalkalathil_banner_9Vimal Kalathil 09 9. vimalkalathil_banner_12Vimal Kalathil 12
4. kamlesh-kumar-08Kamlesh Kumar 08 10. prashanth-jayaram-15-aPrashanth Jayaram 15
5. davut-eren-05Davut Eren 05 11. vipul-jain-02Vipul Jain 02
6. prashanth-jayaram-09Prashanth Jayaram 09



We got 136 images, which were send on Facebook. 80 new banners were registered to the final vote. The person who sent the largest number of banner's images was Kamlesh Kumar. People whose banners were finalists:

  • Anoop Kumar Sharma
  • Davut Eren
  • Gaurav Kumar Arora
  • Kamlesh Kumar
  • Kia Zhi Tang
  • Prashanth Jayaram
  • Syed Shanu
  • Vimal Kalathil
  • Vipul Jain

Thanks again to anyone who participate in creating, improving, and selecting the banners for the TechNet Wiki.


prashanth-jayaram-03Ronen Ariely,
Proud member of the TechNet Wiki Community

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