TechNet Wiki Banners for 2019

Good morningūüĆě, good eveningūüĆú,¬†and good dayūüĆĚ
to all our Wiki Readers,Wiki Authors, Wiki Judges, and Wiki guests¬†around the worldūüĆŹ

It's my honor and the privilege to write this blog in behalf of the TechNet Wiki council, and announce the winners of the banners contest for the TechNet Wiki 2019.

The voting is over, the votes were counted, the calculations were made, and the winners were determined!

The goal of the project is to provide new images to use in the community's blogs and articles, for promoting the community, and for other tasks. In addition the winning images will be used during the year as our logo for the TechNet Wiki groups on Facebook. The contest is just a fun way to make it more interesting.

Before we present the winning images, we want to use this opportunity to thank all the members who took part in the project and posted their work. Thank you Anoop Sharma, Bala S, James van den Berg, Jayendran Jay, Nonki Takahashi, Paul Long, Rajeesh Menoth, Ronen Ariely, and Syed Shanu, and thanks to all the members who participate in the discussions in the Facebook group.

That said, you probably came here to see which banners have won this year, so let's go directly to the list of the 11 winning banners for 2019, and next we will present some interesting information about the Story behind the scenes.

1. Bala-S 2. Jayendran
3. Anoop Sharma 4. Syed Shanu
5. James_van_den_Berg 6. Ronen-Ariely
7. Jayendran 8. Paul
9. Bala-S 10. Syed Shanu
11. Nonki

Story behind the scene

Around two month back, the TechNet Wiki council called upon all members to show their creativity with the announcement Call-to-arms to all designers! It’s time for new Banners and a new logo. A small team which include Myself (Ronen Ariely), Syed Shanu, Gaurav Aroraa,  Kamlesh Kumar, and Margriet Bruggeman, got the task to organize the project.

The voting was held simultaneously in two groups, and the final results were calculated using these votes and a complex algorithm which took into consideration several rules we decided to implement (*read more ahead).

 Facebook public Voting by the Community

Thank you all for your hard work and awesome Banner and Logo Images. Looking forward to see more wonderful Banner and Logo design contributions for 2020.

At last but not least, I would like to pay gratitude to all the participants, who voted and the member of councils, who spared precious moments from their busy schedule for the great cause of community.

What more?

Best of luck and have a great writing.

prashanth-jayaram-03Ronen Ariely,
Proud member of the TechNet Wiki Community