TechNet Wiki: BizTalk Server Administration

If you look at BizTalk Server from a certain viewpoint you can roughly divide it into three categories: deployment, development, and administration. This post will be on the last category, Administration, and what has been contributed on TechNet Wiki so far by community members.

The last couple of months, the administration side of BizTalk has been getting more attention. For instance, at the end of January BizTalkadminsblogging was launched, a blog that is a collaboration of several community members. In just a few weeks, 25 posts have been published by eight bloggers. Some of them, like Sandro Pereira, Howard S. Edidin and Steef-Jan Wiggers also have been contributing articles on TechNet Wiki. Another active member on TechNet Wiki is Tord G. Nordahl, who has in the last two months contributed a couple of very interesting and highly valuable Wiki articles on BizTalk Administration, like:

Other BizTalk administration related TechNet Wiki articles are:

One of easiest access to all these resource is the BizTalk Administration Guide.

Besides these tremendous contributions on TechNet Wiki, a book on BizTalk administration is currently being written by some of the contributors. It will be released sometime in the summer of 2012. It shows that BizTalk Administration currently has momentum and that the TechNet Wiki plays an important role in it.

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)