TechNet Wiki Offline Promotion Continues

A few integration MVP’s spoke at the Australian BizTalk Summit in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane last month organized by Mexia and BizTalk360. This summit was the first ever integration related event in Australia attended by people from Australia, New Zealand, US and the Netherlands. The topics covered by the speakers were:

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server,
  • Microsoft Azure BizTalk Service,
  • Hybrid Connection Options,
  • Office 365,
  • Azure Active Directory,
  • and BizTalk360.

This was the team of speakers for the BizTalk Server 2014 Summit in Australia (Mick Bradan, Michael Stephenson, Saravana Kumar, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Bill Chesnut and Mikael Håkansson).

Every topic that was presented is reflected by what is being shared on the TechNet Wiki. A lot of the attendees at every venue was familiar with this platform that enhances the MSDN library.

My topic was the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Service and I covered a lot that has been written into articles on the TechNet Wiki. The same accounts for the talks done by the other speakers. The entry pages for each topic are as follows:

The event is a good example of the increasing awareness the TechNet Wiki is getting. More and more people are aware, because of events like this. Essentially the TechNet Wiki and community events go hand in hand and what happens in the integration space is just an example. Many other Microsoft technologies get their fair share of attention in the community through events similar to integration focused ones.

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