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In today's blog post we are going to see about  Azure: Create an IoT Hub and connect your IoT Device by Dave Rendón

If you are an Azure lover and looking to work with the combination of Azure and IoT then this is the great article to lookup. IoT is not  new ,as it was been implemented and working in many Factories from past years ,for example we can say in an Automobile industry the sensors used to check the quality of product and also lots of Machine Interface programs was been used in industry for the years, IoT is still booming and nowadays there is lots of new technology was been using in IoT to make things much better, Azure is one of the great choice to work with IoT and this article gives you simple step by step explanation to create an IoT Hub and connect your IoT Device.

Azure provides a robust platform on IoT with seamless integration and a diversity of hardware providers certified to enable IoT solutions in a seamless way. 

I believe this article will be a great feast for all who is looking to work with Azure and IoT ,don't miss to read this article from here  Azure: Create an IoT Hub and connect your IoT Device by Dave Rendón . I hope you all enjoy reading his article.

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