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We are already at the end of sweet November and looking forward to celebrate Christmas and New Year,

Do you know I like the Winter more than the Summer as in winter we can enjoy with chillness and lots of snow. Yes yesterday it was our first snowfall in Seoul,Korea and I really enjoy this season.In this lovely winter season I'am glad to  wish you all a advance Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New year to all our TechNet Wiki family.

In this happy season I would love to share a great article for TNWiki Spotlight which is again a a series of articles for all the Azure Logic Apps  lovers  by DBS14 explains in detail about 


he reason I chose these articles is the detailed way they explain about implementing Message Content Enricher Patterns with Cloud Database in Integration Account Maps for the Azure Logic Apps. This series of articles also explains about connecting to various databases, Here I would like to highlight few interesting topics covered in this series of article.

  • Understanding the Logic App Transform XML Action
  • How to Connect to Azure SQL Server
  • How to Connect to Cosmos DB Table
  • How to Connect to Cosmos DB Core
  • How to Connect to Cosmos DB Cassandra
  • How to Connect to Cosmos DB Gremlin
  • How to Connect to Cosmos DB MongoDB
  • How to Connect to Oracle
  • How to Connect to SAP Hana

If you are curious to learn more about Azure Logic Apps and Implementing Message Content Enricher Patterns with Cloud Databases in Integration Account Maps then this series of article guides you all in detail to getting started. Thank you DBS14  for sharing the lovely article to our TechNet Wiki Community.

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