TNWiki Article Spotlight – Bulk Insert Azure CSV Blob into Azure SQL Database

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Back with another post in the Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight category.

The article on spotlight today is Bulk Insert Azure CSV Blob into Azure SQL Database written by Jayendran arumugam.

The usage of Azure SQL Database has increased many fold in the present times. Similarly, Azure blob containers are also widely used as a storage for storing both structured and unstructured data in the cloud based projects.

One of the most common scenarios we come across is the ability of transferring data to and from Azure blob containers to Azure SQL Database. This article gives a good overview on how this can be done

The article provides step by step approach for doing the data transfer and includes the following stages

  • Creating master key encryption by password
  • Creating database scoped credential
  • Creating external data source
  • Bulk Insert from Azure Blob Container

For anyone trying to implement similar scenario, this article will help them in getting started quickly

This article also won Gold medal in the Technet Wiki Awards October 2018 under Transact-SQL category

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