TNWiki Article Spotlight - Microsoft HDInsight (Big Data) Solution (Part 2)

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

Big Data seems to be everywhere nowadays. Everybody seems to do something with it and built solutions on top of it. On Microsoft Azure we can create Big Data solutions in different ways:

  1. Set up our own cluster
  2. Using a Hadoop distributor, such as Hortonworks or Cloudera
  3. Simply use HDInsight

Which way to choose depends on several aspects. If you want to go with the third option, HDInsight, vishal0soni started collecting links and posts way back in 2012 for everything related to HDInsight.

Nearly one and a half years ago I already wrote a blog post about this article, so why would I write about one article twice? Because this one shows how an article can evolve over time. Today this collection is even more impressive since then and links to around 100 resources. It contains informative material related to HDInsight, videos, conference links and a lot more.

Why should you also contribute to this article? If you have an interest in HDInsight you know that there is always more to put on this list. So, go for it! Can't wait to see how it looks like in another one and a half years.

- German Ninja Jan (TwitterBlogProfile)