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In today's blog post we are going to talk about the article Understanding Server-Side Blazor  by Ankit Sharma

Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly. If you are a C# developer and love to create your web application with C# code then Blazor is for you. Fact is that without using any scripts we can purely use C# code to develop our web application using Blazor. Check here to know more about Blazor ,

Today for our TNWiki Article Spotlight we have picked Ankit Sharma  article which explains about  Understanding Server-Side Blazor  .

The reason behind why I like this article is as this article explains in detail  What is server-side Blazor and also talks about advantage and disadvantage of Server Side Blazor  with sample code.

Ankit Sharma explained about server-side Blazor and explained in more detail the following:

  • What is Server-Side Blazor?
  • Prerequisites
  • Creating a server-side Blazor application
  • Advantages of server-side Blazor
  • Disadvantages of server-side Blazor

I hope you all enjoy reading this  article Understanding Server-Side Blazor  by Ankit Sharma

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