TNWiki Article Spotlight - WPF: Layout Lab

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It's another Tuesday and I am warmly welcoming you all to the TNWiki Article Spotlight for this week.

And that is WPF: Layout Lab by Andy ONeill and it has won the Gold medal in October month's TechNet Guru Awards under Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Category.

The article contains an in depth explanation to several controls in the aspect of XAML which are being used everyday in the world of WPF. And the nice things is, a sample project is used for the explanations and you are provided with a link to download the sample from TechNet gallery at the beginning of the article. This article is an introductory level article, but I believe even the very experienced WPF developers might find something useful here.

Feeling interested? Jump straight to the article from the below link and I am sure all the WPF fans out there will enjoy the article as much as I did.

WPF: Layout Lab

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