Top 10 Wiki Ninjas: Zoltán Horváth takes on SQL Server Integration Services

Welcome to our weekly Top 10 Contributors on TechNet Wiki!

Zoltan made it to the top spot this week!

So who's Zoltan, and what has he been up to?

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Zoltan's Profile

From his bio: "SQL Server and BI ( architect | developer | administrator | consultant | expert | whatever ). Founder and Organizer of Hungarian User Group of Microsoft SQL Server (HUG-MSSQL)."


Zoltan's in Hungary! And he organizes a Hungarian User Group! That's great!

Let's look at the English SSIS articles (and see what he's been up to):

Zoltan, you're doing a fantastic job adding your insight to the area of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Keep it up!


And congrats also to Fernando, Sandro, Susan, Joey, Bart, Pilar, Alik, and Heslacher.


Come on in! The Wiki is warm!

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