Top Contributors Awards! PowerShell, Office 365, Networky [AD CS] stuff, System Center 2012, and this week read all about the "Prime Number Sieve" [new]

Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

First up, the weekly leader board snapshot...


Congrats to Boba Fett look-alike Durval for topping the contributors chart this week.

An amazing performance from all the top six.


As always, here are the results of another weekly crawl over the updated articles feed.



Ninja Award Most Revisions Award  Who has made the most individual revisions


#1 Durval Ramos with 259 revisions. Outstanding work from a real team player!


#2 Carsten Siemens with 237 revisions. Another strong performance from a Wiki legend!


#3 Benoit Jester - MTFC with 231 revisions. So close to Carsten Benoit, nice work as always!


Just behind the winners but also worth a mention are:


#4 Mehmet PARLAKYIGIT-MTTC with 164 revisions.


#5 Asil mutlu with 153 revisions.


#6 M.Ufuk TATLIDIL with 107 revisions.


#7 Matthew Yarlett with 72 revisions.


#8 Ed Price - MSFT with 72 revisions.


#9 Richard Mueller with 55 revisions.


#10 JoeyDj with 41 revisions.



Ninja Award Most Articles Updated Award  Who has updated the most articles


#1 Mehmet PARLAKYIGIT-MTTC with 134 articles.


#2 Durval Ramos with 125 articles.


#3 Benoit Jester - MTFC with 117 articles.


Just behind the winners but also worth a mention are:


#4 Carsten Siemens with 97 articles.


#5 Asil mutlu with 76 articles.


#6 Ed Price - MSFT with 39 articles.


#7 Richard Mueller with 26 articles.


#8 Matthew Yarlett with 14 articles.


#9 Yavuz Tasci with 12 articles.


#10 Hezequias Vasconcelos - MTFC with 9 articles.



Ninja Award Most Updated Article Award  Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The article to have the most change this week was How to Use PowerShell to Automatically Assign Licenses to Your Office 365 Users, by Markus Vilcinskas

This week's revisers were Markus Vilcinskas & manita younghirun

I'm not quite sure what the story is here, but from what I can see, Markus had been working on this since February, and by Revision #18 it was looking good.

Then along came Manita and wiped it all out in Revision #19, replacing with just place holders...

This is a great example of the power of the wiki, as Markus, having been alerted of the change, was able to return and patch it all up again.



Ninja Award Longest Article Award  Biggest article updated this week


Jumping past some of the regular "longies", this week's largest document to get some attention that I'd like to highlight is Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) in Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), by Kurt L Hudson MSFT

This week's reviser was Richard Mueller,

This is the authoritative source for information on Network Device Enrolment Service, and a fine piece of work from Kurt. Thanks for this Kurt, and Richard's tweak for bringing it to our attention again.



Ninja Award Most Revised Article Award  Article with the most revisions in a week


This week's most fiddled with article is Prime Number Sieve, by dbasnett. It was revised 27 times last week.

This week's revisers were dbasnett & Richard Mueller

This is a fantastic article, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. A true gem and a new arrival from dbasnett.

This has had a lot of love poured into it and the results speak for themselves. One of my favourite contributions of the year. 



Ninja Award Most Popular Article Award  Collaboration is the name of the game!


The usual suspects at the top of the list again - Turkish Council Center, by Gokan Ozcifci (Asil mutlu, Davut EREN, Baris Aydogmusoglu, Ugur Demir, Elguc Yusifbeyli, Yavuz Tasci, Mehmet PARLAKYIGIT-MTTC & Richard Mueller),  TechNet Guru Contributions for December, by XAML guy (me) (Nonki Takahashi, Saad Mahmood, .paul. _, Prav4u, dbasnett, XAML guy & Matthew Yarlett)


So highlighting third place article to be updated by the most people this week - System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival Guide, by Dionysia - MSFT

This week's revisers were André Picker (, Aly Ghoneim, Eric Shen Ming, Niall C. Brady, JuuGoSai & Gerry Hampson

This is a great example of a truly popular article, because all the revisers listed above have been adding extra links to this extremely useful portal page.

Here is a summary of all the changes this week, showing how articles once released to the wild of the wiki, continue to flourish with the help of those that have enjoyed it. 



Ninja Award Ninja Edit Award  A ninja needs lightning fast reactions!


Below is a list of this week's fastest ninja edits. That's an edit to an article after another person

Also in the top ten and worth a "shout out" are:


Another amazing week of revisions and new contributions. Team hug for all our regulars and welcome to the new. Together we grow.


Best regards,
Pete Laker