Top Contributors Awards!! Project Server 2013, Outlook, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Powershell, and ooodles more!

Welcome back for another analysis of weekly contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week (Fri-Sat)

Firstly, here is the weekly leader board snapshot:


Yagmoth555 and Serhad leading the march this week, we salute you all!


Below are the results of a painful but fruitful crawl over the updated articles feed.


 Most Revisions Award  Who has made the most individual revisions


Ed Price - MSFT comes first this week, with 150 revisions over 70 articles. Ed is like the Duracell Bunny, he just keeps on going!

Yagmoth555 is second, with 129 revisions over 104 articles. A rising star in the Wiki community, Yagmoth continues to shine.

Patris_70 comes third, with 84 revisions over 81 articles. A regular around here and top performer, thanks as always Patris.


 Most Articles Updated Award   Who has updated the most articles


Yagmoth555 comes races out into first, with 142 articles.

Patris_70 comes a reliable second, with 81 articles.

Ana Paula de Almeida makes a welcome return to the charts, with 72 articles



 Most Updated Article Award  Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The article most updated this week is Project Server 2013 - Estratégias e Portfólio de Projetos by Hezequias Vasconcelos, a superb article, if I could read it :) I think it's Portuguese, but is missing any language tags.

Also worth noting is second place winner - Understanding Claim Rule Language in AD FS 2.0 by Joji Oshima. another excellent and original article we found a great read, thanks Joji. 


 Longest Article Award   Biggest article updated this week


The largest article to receive some attention this week is the beloved Outlook, Outlook for Mac, and Entourage Version and Features Comparison Chart by Henrik Walther.

This article was also recently featured on the homepage of TechNet wiki and for good reason. It's awesome!


 Most Revised Article Award   Article with the most revisions in a week


The article to receive the most revisions this week is Implementing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) In SQL Server by JoeyDj with 19 revisions.

This is an interesting article about SQL data encryption. I learned a lot from this one when I found it from the crawler. A very useful article.

Joint first was Project Server 2013 - Estratégias e Portfólio de Projetos, by Hezequias Vasconcelos, mentioned above, also with 19 revisions


 Smallest Significant Edit Award  Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.


Ignoring the addition of tags, this week's smallest but valuable tweak was Glossario SharePoint (it-IT) by Luigi Bruno.

This is a faithful and professionally translated version of the wiki's famous SharePoint Glossary

Bruno's winning tweak? It's tiny, but valid. He removed the superfluous (en-us) tag on the link to the original article.

For this you win our "Attention To Detail Award" Bruno!


Thanks as always to all our wiki whittlers, for whittling away at our wonderful wiki.

Your efforts are always noticed and beloved. Many generations will benefit!


Best regards,
Pete Laker