Video Interview with a SharePoint Wiki Ninja: Daniel Christian

Today is the re-awakening of our video interviews!!

It's been years since we've interviewed someone via video, so it's time to do it again! (Not since 2011; 5 years ago!) It's fitting that this renewal of video interviews begins with Dan Christian! Why? Well, Dan writes some of the most amazing SharePoint wiki articles in existence... they go in depth and detail and they're super clear and easy to follow. They're also filled with cross-references, links to download the code (if applicable), etc. But one thing that's truly the powerful cherry on top, is how he integrates YouTube videos into his articles. You read through it and follow the instructions, but if that isn't enough, he directly shows you in a screen capture video! So there's no excuse for not being able to learn from his great articles! =^)

And with that in mind, we should celebrate our contributor who's helping bring videos to our articles... with a video interview! First, let's learn more about Daniel!

This is the video interview of our 19-time SharePoint Guru winner, Daniel Christian (and here's Daniel's TechNet profile). So far, Daniel has written 31 articles and has been active on forums since July 2012. Daniel is a husband to a beautiful wife, father of two handsome boys, a SharePoint Wiki Ninja, and a big proponent of sharing knowledge.


In addition to authoring 31 articles, Daniel Christian has:

  • 7K+ Recognition Points
  • 97 Forum Answers and 407 Replies
  • 204 Wiki Edits and 153 Wiki Comments
  • 74 Blog Comments

Some of the great Wiki articles that Daniel wrote include (there are so many legendary ones):


Let's get into the interview…
Who are you, and what do you do? What are your thoughts about TechNet Wiki? What are your other contributions besides TechNet Wiki?


What are your favorite wiki articles that you have contributed? What could we do differently on TechNet Wiki? Who has impressed you in the Wiki community and Why? What does success look like for TechNet Wiki? Any tips for new Wiki authors?



Daniel's contact info:

Also, if you haven't read it yet, Microsoft MVP, Mahesh, interviewed Daniel back in January 2014. So check it out here!

From that interview, we got a great look at Daniel as Santa:

Everyone, please join me in thanking Daniel for his contributions, and please leave a comment with what you enjoy the most from these videos or from Daniel's articles!


Jump on in! The Wiki is Wild!

- Ninja Ed