Weekend Hunt !

Hi everyone. Today I’am on the hunt ! (With my slingshot in my pocket and some beans – just kidding)

I just saw a new Microsoft’s title (new is subjective as it’s new for me).


I saw that title from profile (like here or here)

My curiosity started to kick in so I checked what it means. It means Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor. As a wiki contributor myself, I started to think that it could be related to the TNWiki. (To justify that point I found that almost everyone that use that title do contribute on the TNWiki)

My first step from there is to check Information on Profile Affiliations (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/gg602412.aspx)

No MTAC in the list. Now I search with my super binocular (don’t forget I’am on a hunt). So I open a search engine page and I start to search :)

The first page that interests me is from LinkedIn, it seem to have a group up there for MTAC.

Now I translate it over. It handled via a facebook’s group now !


I digged a bit deeper I found that (machine’s translated); (https://www.fabiohara.com.br/2011/10/25/mtac-microsoft-technical-audience-contributor-perguntas-e-respostas/)

Now I know what it means and where it start ! That kind of lead is another example that the Brazil community is really strong on the TNWiki and they hold together.


Can that title be integrated with the wiki ninja’s belt system to bring that idea further ? Is it a title that was born before the wiki ninja’s title ? Don’t hesitate to comment for those questions !


Thanks everyone to have following my small hunt and I can just salute the Brazil’s community and Fabio Hara for such action !




- French Ninja Phil (Wiki, Profile, Twitter)