Which new TechNet Wiki logo image is your favorite?

Here is Alan's blog post from yesterday:

Wiki-Life - Images and Figures TechNet Wiki


He introduced a new gallery-like page on TechNet Wiki with logo images for TechNet Wiki!

Here's that Wiki page:

 TechNet Wiki - Images and Logos - 2015


So what's your favorite new image? (You can vote for up to 3)


Here they are:








I'll tally the results:

  1. TechNet Guru Awards - 7 (Yan, Saeid, Dave, Ashwin, Mahdi, Prav4u, Teodora)
  2. Top 10 Contributors - 7 (Ed, Saeid, Yan, Ashwin, Mahdi, Prav4u, Teodora)
  3. TechNet Wiki Life - 4 (Ed, Dave, Durval, Prav4u)
  4. TechNet Wiki Blogs - 4 (Saeid, Dave, Ashwin, Teodora)
  5. TechNet Wiki Community Council - 2 (Ed, Yan)
  6. TechNet Wiki - 1 (Durval)
  7. TechNet Forum - 1 (Durval)


Reply with your vote!

   - Ninja Ed