Wiki Life: Best Practices for converting an MSDN / TechNet Forum thread into a Wiki Article!!!

Please check out Sandro's article, Wiki: Best Practices For Converting a Forum Thread Into a New Wiki Article.


The article explains itself...



"There is a post in the Wiki Ninjas - Official Blog of TechNet Wiki about a simple question: What Can I or Should I do in the TechNet Wiki? (you can read the entire post here) and one of the statements is:

  • Can I take a question and answer on the forums and transform it into an article?

The answer is simple: Yes, you can and you should… you can use whatever you need to be inspired to write a contribution, this can be a forum question, a problem or a need that you face in your day by day work, a post or an article from other author.

Another reason is that the Wiki article can get more views, it can be easier to read, and it can be much easier to find by the community. Plus it can end up with some collaboration that will make the answer even more complete!
This article is intended to be a list of all the best practices that you can have while converting a Forum thread into a new TechNet Wiki article."



And to supplement that article, Sandro created a fantastic series of templates that you can use to just copy and paste into the Wiki...

Wiki: Templates For Converting a Forum Thread Into a New Wiki Article


So you just read that article and go to the template that best fits your forum thread. You copy that template, paste it in as a new Wiki article, and then you update it with your content!


This is a great way to easily make sure you are hitting some quality standards, because it's often hard to tell what people want or what will help you win in the TechNet Guru contests!


Well now you know (if this is new to you)!! So thanks again to Sandro for helping champion this for us and setting it up!


Like all Wiki articles, we can collaborate on improving these Best Practices and Templates if you think we missed anything.

   - Ninja Ed