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Always, always and always keep two things in mind before you publish article for TechNet Wiki. First one is Quality and second one is Article Format. Think Quality and Format of articles are like two eyes of a human. We all know as both the eyes are very important for us, so we always give more importance to our eyes. Without eyes, we cannot see anything in this world, similarly, before you publish,always give importance for your article Quality and Format . With eyes, we see the world but the world will see your articles Quality and Format on how nicely you have presented with quality of content.

Why we need to give important for Quality and Format?

  • You may lose readers:

If your article Quality or Format is not good, then readers will not be interested to read your article. Readers may also not give importance to read your other articles. Note we publish articles for our readers so always give them more Quality of article with good Format for easy read.

  • You may lose to enter for TechNet Wiki Monthly Awards.

TechNet Wiki always need Quality of article with good Format which match Wiki Guideline. If your Article Quality or Format is not good, then you may lose to win the monthly award.

Hard work always leads to good reputation, your reputation is depending on how much you do hard work for publishing your articles.

For New Members:

Few new members directly publish article in TechNet Wiki without knowing or reading the Guidelines to publish articles in TechNet. If you are new to TechNet Wiki always read Wiki Guidelines before publishing articles. If you are a new member and didn't join our TechNet Facebook group,then kindly  join our TechNet Facebook group for quick answers on your questions related to TechNet Wiki. You can contact any of our existing members of TechNet, for any questions related to TechNet Wiki. TechNet wiki is a great community here we all help others and we get help from others to make our community more better and friendly.

Few tips to write Quality of articles

  • Read few MVP published articles to see how they have presented their articles.
  • Read few experienced authors articles from TechNet Wik.
  • From TechNet Wiki Facebook Group contact any experienced authors and get help from them.
  • Post your questions related to TechNet Wiki on Facebook group.
  • Share your article in Facebook Group for getting comments from our experienced TechNet Wiki members.Improve your article accordingly with the guidance provided by  members.
  • Check your article for any comments ,take all the comments as positive way and try to update your article accordingly to improve your article quality and format.

Your small Quality of contribution with good Formatted Article can help lots of members around the world. If you are new to TechNet Wiki and have questions, feel free to ask in comment section.

Hope you all like this blog post. To know more in detail, check all this links.

See you all soon in another blog post.

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