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Hello TechNet Wiki Community! Today is Wednesday, the day for: Wiki Life!

Today the theme is:

For those unfamiliar with it, the Microsoft Forums are the channels that support interactively in the technical community, users and customers with all the types of relevant questions about Microsoft products and solutions.

Microsoft forums are divided into:

MSDN Forums

Forums dedicated to questions and incidents on application development technologies in .NET, C ++, C #, and other languages and their tools and work platforms, such as Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Test Professional and questions regarding DevOps, ALM, Development Processes, templates, and other matters.

TechNet Forums

Forums dedicated to questions and incidents Microsoft Operations technologies, such as Windows Server, System Center, Office 365, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Lync Server, SharePoint Server, and other technologies, their operation, integration between the technologies, processes , tips and more.

Microsoft Community

Forums dedicated to the end user, consumer, with questions related to OneDrive, Xbox, Windows 8, Windows RT, devices (Surface, Windows Phone), Outlook, Malware like worms and viruses and other relevant issues.

These channels are great because they cater to all levels and technologies, being managed by moderators who are Microsoft employees, in addition to the Community highly qualified Technical and certified as MCT, MCP, MVP, chosen to be part of moderations and support answers, including the team of TechNet Wiki Ninjas!

In addition, the forums are open to all to contribute answering questions, marking threads as possible answers, and one of the most important practices, making these responses TechNet Wiki Articles!!!
It is very common that several answers, tips, step by step that contributed to Microsoft Forums, turn into articles for future reference in the Portal TechNet Wiki .

In fact, one of the most common practices is that a correct answer Forum becomes an Article of TechNet Wiki Portal , and widely used to answer other questions in the Forums.

I especially use a lot of Microsoft's technical forums and can not remember when was the last time you asked a Microsoft Premier Support, thanks to the Forums, and you? ;)

You can participate too, helping in the Microsoft forums, answering questions technologies you master, make a response or tip in this Article and post on TechNet Wiki Portal to help other community members!

Until next time!

Alan Carlos
TechNet Wiki Ninja