Wiki Life: Ways to get more involved in writing TechNet Wiki articles

I always like to encourage new TN Wiki members to write more articles. One of my ways to do this is to use this blog. For this reason, in this blog post, I try to highlight the most important points that will help you increase the number of your articles.

Wiki Life: Ways to get more involved in writing TechNet Wiki articles

  • Choose a branch of technology you really love.
  • Make writing for the wiki as a hobby and do not put it on the top priorities of your life.
  • Think of time management, use the timeboxing technique to write your articles, do not drown in writing a paper, think about the result.
  • Divide large articles into several small articles. By doing this, editing the article will be simplified and the number of articles will increase.
  • Group the same tasks. If you see a question in a forum and reply to it, turn it into an article. If you have a challenge at work, turn your job report into an article. If one of your colleagues or friends has asked you a question, turn your answer into an article. If you post on your blog, make it an article by adding more details.
  • Specify a deadline to write each article, which will help you publish the article at the right time.
  • If an article does not end in a reasonable time, leave it out and take it away. Writing an article should not be a challenge for you, otherwise, you cannot do it at a low cost. You can keep that archive as long as it's written, maybe you'll be back one day and finish it.
  • Do not wait for the start. Do not spend much time thinking about the idea of the article. If you put your time on the ideas, you will never publish an article. As Jodi Picoult said, "You can always edit a bad page, but you cannot edit a blank page."

Thanks for reading!

Saeid Hasani

Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninja