Wiki Life: Wiki Ninjas on Twitter

Twitter_LogoDid you know Wiki Ninjas has a Twitter account? Did you know by contributing to this blog you are also contributing to the Wiki Ninjas Twitter feed? Unsure how – then read on.

The @WikiNinjas Twitter feed automatically retweets every new blog post within minutes of it appearing on the Wiki Ninjas blog. These auto tweets keep our readers informed of new content. They also help new users and authors discover the site who may have never heard of it.

There are several ways we can all impact how the TechNet Wiki is represented on Twitter.

As a TechNet Wiki article author, ensuring your best content is uploaded to the site means that perhaps one day your articles will be highlighted in a Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight article and tweeted out to our followers. As a Wiki Ninjas blog author, ensuring you have created compelling posts with the proper keywords means people can locate your content in a sea of information.

As a Twitter user, you can help the @WikiNinjas Twitter feed by doing the following:

  • Follow @WikiNinjas or add it to your lists
  • Retweet every official tweet to your followers
  • Use the official hashtags #WikiNinjas and #TNWiiki when promoting the site or its content on your own Twitter feed

Following the @WikiNinjas Twitter account and using the official hashtags are ways you can help build the TechNet Wiki audience. And a larger audience means more people checking out your latest TNWiki articles.


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by Ken Cenerelli (Twitter, Blog, MSDN Profile, MVP Profile)