Wiki-Ninjas on Technology: Windows Azure- and Server AppFabric

Last post before the Christmas holidays will be on AppFabric. In my previous post two weeks ago I wrote a story on BizTalk Server and what community has contributed on this great technology. In this one I'd like to discuss AppFabric. When you talk about AppFabric in a certain context than it can either mean Windows Azure AppFabric or Windows Server AppFabric. Windows Azure AppFabric is a part of the Windows Azure Platform, and provides a couple of services like access control, service bus, caching and recently integration (i.e. release of the Windows Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI). The Windows Server AppFabric provides on-premise hosting for services (WF, WCF) and caching on Windows Server OS. If you wonder which technology to use you can read the article: Which AppFabric am I Looking For? (Azure or Server) from Mike McKeown.


Through TechNet Wiki you will find a number of articles on both technologies. On Windows Azure AppFabric you will find the following articles contributed by the community and Microsoft employees:

Windows Azure Access Control:

Windows Azure Service Bus:

Windows Azure Caching:

Window Azure Integration:

On Windows Server AppFabric you will find a nice list of articles through the Technology Portal page of TechNet Wiki:

Windows Server AppFabric:

Both these technologies will evolve and mature more and more, so you will see in the future more articles being contributed to TechNet Wiki by the community and Microsoft employees.

Merry Christmas.