Wiki Quantum Mechanics: The observer effect

The Wiki Quantum nerds will recognize the observer effect as the change an observation makes to the subject of observation...
Sounds utterly complicated, right? It's not.

By posting this post, I've changed the observed statistics...

Let me explain...

On this blog just a few minutes ago we had 10 posts in October. No 11, eh ... now 12.

Last month 16. That's a fact that won't change any more.

But how did we do since our Wiki Ninjas blog launched in 2011?


Sure you want some more..
How did we do as blog team in global (on Wiki Ninjas EN) ?

The blog posters with 10 blogs and more:

Ed Price - MSFT 332
XAML guy 152
Horizon_Net 78
Steef-Jan Wiggers 55
Peter Geelen - MSFT 43
Gokan Ozcifci 41
Durval Ramos 36
Margriet Bruggeman 32
Alan Nascimento Carlos 26
Tord G. Nordahl 23
Luiz Henrique Lima Campos 23
Luciano Lima [MVP] Brazil 22
Hezequias Vasconcelos 22
Tomoaki Yoshizawa 18
Fernando Lugao Veltem 16
Sandro Pereira 15
Maheshkumar S Tiwari 15
Zoltan Horvath 15
Carmelo La Monica 14
Davut EREN 14
Yagmoth555 13
Matthew Yarlett 10

Let's take a view on the other Wiki ninja's blogs...

Brazilian Portuguese:

The French Wiki ninja's on :

And also the Turkish Ninjas on:

Just another way of saying thank you for the continued and continuous (or is it continuum) way to keep the TechNet Wiki mechanics going!

Keep posting your valuable ideas and helpful content to the TechNet Wiki, because that's driving the blog too!