Wiki Quick Tip 13: Get the an animated gif moving

This week, George Grammatikos and I were troubleshooting one of his latest articles (Azure Compute: Introduction To Azure Batch )...

When looking into the article, you'll notice a nice animated gif in the Parallel Job Processing paragraph.

(let's see if it works here in the blog)

Well, animated, ... at the first upload of the gif to the TN Wiki it didn't seem to work. The 'animated gif' didn't actually move a bit.

Although, if you click on the link, a new page opens with the animated gif... moving.

I remembered a discussion on the Wiki forum a while ago, with Richard Mueller and he suggested a fix.

You can check the forum thread here: Adding GIF and Images in TechNet Articles/.

Then we realised that the animated gif was uploaded initially using the online editor.

And it looks like that upload is crippling the display of the animated gif in the Wiki. and the fix of Richard if fairly simple, setting the image width to 550px.

I'm not sure it needs to be 550px (default Wiki page width), but it works.

So, to document the forum thread a bit more and for quick reference, I've a collected all useful stuff incl. the fix on the Wiki: Wiki Troubleshooting: Adding an animated gif image

Enjoy the quick fix and make your articles shine.

Anyone a suggestion on how to generate these nice animated gifs? (Just a nice hint for the next Wiki Quick Fix article...)