#WINNING: TechNet Wiki Community Council

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The TechNet Wiki is fortunate to have an active Community Council with several important responsibilities:

  • Represents the Wiki community members to the community as a whole and to Microsoft.
  • Arbitrates disagreements between Wiki members over edits and/or policy change/feature change requests.
  • Recommends policy changes.
  • Maintains and enforces the Code of Conduct.
  • Fosters, incubates, and curates community.

Comprised of Microsoft and non-Microsoft community members, the council was formed prior to the launch of the Wiki with the following original members:

Current members include:

Most of the work they do is thankless, behind-the-scenes work arbitrating disputes, refining guidance, recommending process and feature enhancements, inspiring new members to join and contribute, and serving as TechNet Wiki ambassadors. Without it, the TechNet Wiki would not be a healthy, productive place to collaborate and share.

For these reasons, the Community Council is a Community Win. Hats off to the council, especially the non-Microsoft folks who allocate time to the greater good. Thank you Susan, Gerard, Mark, Arnie, Kelly and Luiz. They gather together from all over the world to maket this happen... Separate & Together