CMS Assessment Tool

For those who currently operate MCMS 2002 sites and are considering the move to MOSS 2007, it has never been easier. As I have stated previously, migration is a two step process, step one being the content and step two being the site code. Content is migrated to MOSS using the content migration tool. During this process the tool will perform several tests on your MCMS database. Although this will give a fairly comprehensive report on the state of the content, it doesn’t address issues that might arise during the manual code migration.

The CMS Assessment Tool is a tool that has been developed to perform the same tests that occur during the migration plus a review of the source code. Information on how to install, run and interpret the result can be found here.

The CMS Assessment Tool can be run over any current MCMS solution and you do not even need to have MOSS 2007 installed. I would encourage anyone thinking about migration to MOSS, to run the assessment tool to determine any road blocks or areas that will need to be worked on during migration.