A “few” of the pictures taken during 2013 to highlight a few of the many special moments no where near ALM Rangers

Here are my 13 favourite pictures taken during the past twelve months.
Unlike A “few” of the pictures taken during 2013 to highlight a few of the many special moments with the ALM Rangers these pictures have been made no where near ALM Rangers Smile

DSCN0020 Always finding a sign from our champ Alex … this time a heart on the ferry ride on our way to Tofino. DSCN0077 We greeted the predator looking wooden creature behind Thorsten every morning in Tofino on Chesterman beach: http://binged.it/1gC11IA
DSCN0103 The Eagles are always watching. Taken at Holly Turf (http://binged.it/1gC1db4) while Thorsten and Jacques were battling it out with their soccer balls. DSCN0283 Lonely tree in the Swiss Alps taken during my brief visit in February to celebrate my mom’s special birthday.
DSCN1307 Our very own Lion King … Bodo enjoying the ocean breeze at the Semihamoo bay, http://binged.it/1gC1quI. DSCN1336 Sitting at the Delta Heritage Air Park in Semihamoo bay, watching the lonely pilot doing his touch and go circuitscrcyits.
DSCN1962 Battle star all lit up Smile DSCN2266 Coming or going? Relaxing in Salt Spring ( http://binged.it/1gC1J8I ) during our post run adventure.
DSCN2095 My favourite “tranquil” spot on Bowen island, http://binged.it/1gC1OcB DSCN2788 Jacques, aka Rhino, flying and scoring goal at the last game for the Delta Selects, before going on his soccer adventure in Italy. The most spectacular and committed header I have ever seen!
DSCN2952 We often forget to zoom in on our close neighbours in our garden Smile  … mesmerizingly beautiful! DSCN3899 Thorsten, aka Cheetah, on the run, balanced and with the new hairstyle …
DSCN4172 6AM at Semihamoo Bay at the 72 street entrance. Eerie atmosphere, http://binged.it/1gC2vCP    

While scanning through my photos I have realized that I have neglected to enjoy more nature walks and especially mountains around us. I will have to “head  North” during 2014 Smile