A morning at the food bank … keep those opened cookies!

This morning we spent a few hours at the site logo. Thanks to catching the wrong “22” bus, I was 2 minutes late, but reported for in time for an interesting and informative morning. It was a change to the usual Sharing Farm‎, which probably feeds this program with vegetables and fruit. See https://www.foodbank.bc.ca/ for more information on this community program that feeds 28,000+ Vancouverites weekly!


After hours of sorting, I have a few requests to friends and colleagues:

  1. Donate tins and pasta! Sorting them is the easiest! It is also the sturdiest packaging, it usually contains nutritious and tasty food Thumbs up 
  2. If you do not like the cookies you just opened, please do not drop them into your food bank package. Sorting damaged or opened packaging (lots of wastage) is frustrating Thumbs down Damaged and opened packaging is recycled, not eaten Sad smile
  3. Containers labeled in foreign languages is time consuming Annoyed Unidentified food lands in miscellaneous section, which requires a resort.
  4. Donate food packages throughout the year, not just between thanksgiving and the new year!


Looking forward to the next shift on April 29th Open-mouthed smile