devconf’s log #2 – Sun, Mandela, and no Bowtie

Continued from DevConf’s log #1 – Flights, floods, and lack of sleep. Spent the weekend relaxing, mentally preparing for the conference, and enjoying the sun, food, and discussions.

Part of the mental preparation is to practice the session and ensure the 60-75min talk can be delivered in the 45min DevConf slot. I focused on grounding my feet to create the foundation of a relaxed, automated, and passionate session that delivers value. Recognise the practice of “continuous learning and improving”?

Here are a few pictures to give visual context:

Conference centre without the rain.

It’s called the RED cross for a reason – I give up!
 WhatsApp Image 2018-03-24 at 12.25.34

Enjoyed a long catch-up lunch with my good old friend at Mandela Square.

Only South-Africans will understand me enjoying a Spur Goodie Burger, Black Label, and Biltong Smile


Enjoyed a great dinner and chat with Robert, who’s one of the pivotal organizers of the DevConf event. A few photos from the DevConf presentation rooms. Notice the lack of a bowtie?

T-2 sleeps until the event begins Smile