MVP Global Summit – Day 2: The Team System MVPs “Rock”

Musical Blue Man Playing Jazz With a Saxophone Clipart Illustration Jeff gave a great start to the day in his opening session, during which the following awards were handed out:

  • Team System Web Access Translation Project
    • Ognjen Bajic, Ramon Durães, Igor Abade, Cengiz Han, Coskun Sunali, Okan Tekeli, Gert Christiansen, Mathias Olausson, Marek Byszewski and Marcel de Vries
  • MVP in residence
    • Ed Blankenship
  • VSTS Casestudy
    • Chris Menegay
  • MVP TV
    • Steve Andrews, Steve Borg
  • Radio TFS
    • Paul Hacker, Martin Woodward and Mickey Gousset
  • VSTS MVP Ambassador, Virtual Virtuoso, HOL Master, Hug Master
    • Brian Randell

… and now a huge drum roll for the MVP of the year …
Happy Blue Man Partying With a Party Hat, Confetti and a Bottle of Liquor Clipart Illustration

  • VSTS MVP Of the Year
    • Martin Woodward
    • Martin, you have truly earned this award!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the MVP winners!

Unfortunately the content at the summit is mostly NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), so I will limit today’s blog post to the awards, the fact that the discussions and feedback the team received today has been exceptional. We had lots of fun, although I could also gauge that some of the huge tidal waves will be coming towards us for tomorrow’s sessions, in particular the Ranger session.

Blue Man Exercising on a Cross Trainer Clipart IllustrationThe other champion to mention is Charles Sterling, “Chuck”, who has done a ‘sterling’ job coordinating the Team System summit sessions again. Together with Neno Loje (Team System MVP)  Chuck has created a tough schedule for the MVPs to keep up with … as usual no scheduled breaks, no go away, relax and have lunch slot … just one Team System session after the next. Imagine the hamster running at a high pace on its squeaky wheel, or MVPs going through a tough gym session … you have a vision of the Team System sessions at the summit … not a second is wasted.

PS: Photos … I brought my camera, but left the USB connection cable back home. ^#%$^*&#& … I will post a separate post, with the key photos of the summit, as soon as I get back home. I know, age is catching up …