Ranger Flash – June 2013


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image aka.ms/vsarindex lists all of our 200+ ALM Rangers. In this section we will introduce some of the top champions in our community, who continue to mentor, review, contribute and share their experience on a voluntary basis. To all ALM Rangers, you “ROCK”.

Top 12 (slots) FY13 ALM Rangers

Brian2Based on the activity score the following ALM Rangers have reached the top 12 slots:

  1. (75) Brian Blackman
  2. (58) Michael Fourie
  3. (43) Tony Whitter
  4. (37) Jim Szubryt
  5. (36) Anisha Pindoria
  6. (35) Rob Jarratt
  7. (34) Micheal Learned
  8. (32) Jahangeer Mohammed and John Spinella
  9. (28) David Pitcher
  10. (26) Pramod Vasanth
  11. (24) Casey O'Mara and Mattias Sköld
  12. (22) Jeff Bramwell and Tim Star

Distinguished ALM Rangers

The following ALM Rangers (listed alphabetically) have excelled, shipped at least one successful ALM Rangers project as a Project Lead and actively mentored other ALM Rangers.

Brian Blackman, Casey O'Mara, David Pitcher, Jim Szubryt, John Spinella, Mattias Sköld, Michael Fourie, Micheal Learned, Pramod Vasanth, Rob Jarratt, Robert Bernstein, Robert MacLean and Tony Whitter.

New Active (ex-associate) ALM Rangers

The following Associate ALM Rangers (listed alphabetically) have been promoted to Active ALM Rangers:

Andrea Scripa, Anisha Pindoria, Anna Galaeva, Chris Wishart, Dan Marzolini, Darren Rich, Dave Crook, David Pitcher, Dmitry Andreev, Hamid Shahid, Jason Singh, Jeff Levinson, Jesse Houwing, Joakim Karlsson, Josh Sommer, Larry Duff, Larry Guger, Nicholas Hauenstein, Susan Ferrell, Svetlana Kostinsky, Tarun Arora, Tomas Scott, Tommy Sundling, Vinicius Hana, Vinicius Moura and Vlatko Ivanovski.

New Associate Rangers

Please welcome the following new Associate ALM Rangers in our family: Sumeet Deshpande and Bipin Puthiyaveetil.

New Certified Ruck Masters

The following ALM Rangers (listed alphabetically) have completed their Ruck Master certification:

Anisha Pindoria, Jahangeer Mohammed and John Bergman.

Robert races to #3 spot with this .NET/VS2012 Blockbuster

Robert MacLean raced to #3 spot of the ALM Rangers Channel 9 videos within 3 weeks with his Blockbuster RangerTalk - What's new and exciting in .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012, by Robert MacLean. Top 3 ALM Rangers Channel 9 Videos:



Build Customization Guidance - Overview of the Guidance



Build Customization Guidance - Build and Deploy 1: Build and Local Deploy



What's new and exciting in .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012, by Robert MacLean

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Tell us about your success stories!

Are you aware of a success story in which the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and/or their solutions have accelerated the adoption of Visual Studio, unblocked an engagement and/or resulted in a Smile (happy) user?

Total since 20070101 539 710
Daily average since 20070101 227 5+8
Daily average since last flash 915 5+426