Rangers Flash - August 2011


Projects News

  • CodedUI (VSCUG) project continues to march on creating content for the in-depth guidance.
  • Word4TFS (TFSWP) … Some problems emerged recently with the Refresh functionality which took a bit of time to resolve. We recently released a limited beta release for Rangers only and are continuing addressing issues and hardening the code.
  • Branching Guidance (TFSBG) … the content development is well under way. The team is currently working on: Q&A, Dependency Management and Shared Code and Development Branching Strategies.
  • TFS Iteration Automation (AFE-TFSIA) project is being transitioned to an open source community project. Please keep an eye on Martin’s blog for details.
  • v.Next Readiness (message from Bijan) …… By now, you should be fully aware of our single mega deal which kicked off yesterday. It was our best kickoff ever. As mentioned earlier, we expect every Ranger to join at least one project. If you were not able to attend one of the two events, PLEASE make sure that you watch the recording.

Community News

Project News

  • Gaurav Aggarwal is the 100th Visual Studio ALM Ranger in our hosted TFS collection and the winner of a Visual Studio ALM Rangers shirt Smile
  • The Visual Studio ALM Rangers showed real energy at the latest kick-off event(s) . We had a total of 81 Rangers, some even joining at 3AM in their time zones. We really appreciate your commitment and passion!!!
  • Rangers mentioned on the Rangers Index this month listed in sequence of appearance: Ariel Gur-Arieh and Fabio Stawinski. Are you listed? If not, why not?
  • Bill Heys is nominated as the Worldwide Lead for the ALM Community within Microsoft: Bill Heys does it again … Worldwide Lead for the ALM Community within Microsoft

Willy’s Final Thoughts

DSCN5014 … this is why working for DevX Customer and Project Management team is fun :)

  • The v.Next Readiness initiative is a huge opportunity and confirmation of the immense value of and impact by the Rangers.
  • Some salient points:
    - The Ranger mission and the manifesto remain unchanged.
    - We are evolving the Ranger engineering process to reduce the complexities and unwanted noise.
    - We need at least 40% of the 210 registered Rangers to commit to the projects as leads and/or contributors
  • My personal objectives will include a commitment to ensure that the Rangers balance their daily-job, passion for technology and sharing of real-world-experience with the communities … but, most importantly that we all take care of our families and that no-one ever feels that anyone is taking advantage.

Closing Humo(u)r

No one solved last month’s riddle … for those interested, please see http://www.kernvalleyairport.com. If you want to know more, then Bijan is your contact (airport) man Smile

This month we have two cute signs:



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