VSTS Rangers Site is Live!

We Two Orange People Unrolling A Large And Luxurious Red Carpet For Someone Expecting The Vip Treatment Clipart Illustration Graphichave been working to create a home for the VSTS Rangers and their projects, to recognize the phenomenal contributions made by Team System experts and to better understand the interest in our VSTS Rangers projects. Thanks to Sharon, we now have our very own site :)

Please check out http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/teamsystem/ee358786.aspx which is the first iteration of our new VSTS Rangers home page and associated Solutions and Projects page. We welcome any and all feedback on the site, so please feel free to respond to this post via email or by leaving a comment.


What is planned for the site?

  • *1 As future projects are completed and shipped …
    • … they will bubble up to the Current Ranger Solutions list.
    • … the MVPs and Technology Experts contributing to the projects will be listed as contributors and contacts. Note that we will only be including non-Microsoft contributors, i.e. MVPs,  who gave permission to be listed.
    • … the VSTS Rangers champions will be selected and mentioned on the home landing page.
  • Enhancements based on your requirements and feedback will be part of the ongoing maintenance.

Hope you like our new home!

Thanks for your input, which will helping our team better understand your needs and to improve the site accordingly.