Welcome our new Visual Studio ALM Ranger Champions and the (UN)HIDE button

Every year we get together to nominate the champions amongst the Visual Studio ALM Rangers and the champion of champions. We chose the ALM MVP Summit to take a few moments to announce the 2012 champions, because the nominations all originate from our biggest “Gig” and quite a few are ALM MVPs :)

Thanks Charles Sterling “Chuck” for a great and fun session. Your are truly a Star or Star‘s.

image … note to self, remember the button for others to see and remember Smile

FUN Category


We need some “fun” and I decided to organize some t-shirts and other funny prizes for the following winners:


Neno Loje (MVP)  Champion Organizer

DSCN8506 … Magnifying sheet to help Neno find the last remaining Team System crumbs we are leaving just for him Smile


Chris Burrows, Bob Hardister (MVP), Mike Fourie (MVP), Mathias Olausson (MVP) and Paul Meyer – Top Team Project Leads

See ALM Ranger Champions – Willy’s nominations! for more details!

DSCN8736 … Mathias.


Mike Fourie (MVP) Zombie Sabbatical

Ask Mike to explain when you next meet him Smile

DSCN8507 A few goodies to help Mike on his next sabbatical!

SERIOUS Category


The following ALM Rangers have been awarded with a champion plaque and will appear on our MSDN Visual Studio ALM Rangers home page shortly:


Gregg Boer Product Group Champion


Mario Rodriquez Product Owner Champion #1


Gregg Boer Product Owner Champion #2


Rob Jarratt Services Champion


Mike Fourie (MVP) Champion of Champions … Again!


To the winners and all the other ALM Rangers I would like to say THANK YOU for the passion, commitment, tenacity and sacrifice in personal and family time to drive the 20 projects home. I am privileged and humbled to be part of such a phenomenal community!