Week of August 19: Let MVPs help you prepare for the Windows Server 2012 launch in October

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It’s summer and many people are taking some time off (myself included) but some of the Windows Server MVPs are still blogging away. First, as summer draws to an end, it’s a good time to start planning for your next in-person events this fall. As noted by the MVPs, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 will launch October 18. Curious to get a preview of another fall event? Two MVPs have blogged video from their presentations at E2EVC in Copenhagen this past spring.

Brushing up on your skills? Check out the tips on how to automate specific tasks with Powershell, see the RDS MVPs’ section for new KB articles, view screen casts online, or check out new books on PowerShell and (soon) IPv6.

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Robert Smit

Directory Services

Roberto di Lello

File System/Storage

Dennis Martin 


Aidan Finn

Carsten Rachfal

Didier Van Hoye

Thomas Maurer


Don Jones

Jeff Wouters 

Ravikanth C

Shay Levy 

Remote Desktop Services

Freek Berson

Setup, Deployment, and Patching

Mikael Nystrom 

Small Business Server

Amy Babinchak

Elvis Gustin

Philip Elder


Edward Horley

Helge Klein