Windows Server Virtualization and System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Ok, so I am sure all interested in virtualization have heard about the demo of the next generation Microsoft Server Virtualization platform at WinHEC 2006.  The demo gave a brief look at some of the newest features like multi-processor 64bit virtual machines and the ability to hot add memory and network devices.  Also at WinHec the System Center Virtual Machine Manager was shown for the first time, showcased was the single console built on top of Powershell for managing thousands of Virtual Machines.  In addition,  Microsoft announced intention to acquire Softricity as well. So Microsoft is making a strong investment in all forms of Virtualization: Hardware, Applications, Operating System (See Bob Muglia announcement from MMS 2006). The holistic approach will create a solid solution base for virtualization architectures in Enterprise environments. The Virtualization scenarios targeted are:

Server Consolidation

Business Continuity Management

Test and Development

Dynamic Datacenter

The real question becomes as we remove the Virtualization performance tax what are the next generation Virtualization scenarios?  I have a Chalk talk at TechEd 2006 to discuss virtualization architecture and scenarios.  In my position it is my job to understand what customers are doing with virtulization technologies.  I spend alot of my time architecting very interesting solutions for customers that are pushing Microsoft virtulization technologies. I am intested in seeing what you think the next generation scenarios are.

Allen Stewart

Program Manager

Windows Server Division