Microsoft .NET Framework Versions Supported by Windows Embedded Products

Posted by: Windows EmbeddedTeam

Applies To: Embedded

Published Date: 8/7/2015

***Updated - Added Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 Support***

​This communication details the .NET Framework versions supported by the Windows
Embedded Products after June 2017. Read on for further details.


  .NET Framework version
3.5 SP1 4.0 4.5.2 4.6 4.7
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Y Y  
Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 Y Y  
Windows Embedded Standard 7 Y Y Y Y
Windows Embedded POSReady 7 Y Y Y Y
Windows Embedded 8 Standard Y Y Y
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Y Y Y Y



  • ​The following table specifies the Microsoft support plans for all Microsoft .NET Framework versions after June 2017.We will update this blog when our support plan changes, so check this page regularly for the latest support details.
  • Note that the following products are not listed because they will be moving out of extended support as of 2016:
    • Windows Embedded Point of Service
    • Windows XP Embedded
    • Windows Embedded 8 Industry
  • For information about general
    Windows support for the .NET Framework and any restrictions, visit
    the .NET blog website.