Windows Installer 4.5 Beta Accepting Nominations

The Windows Installer team is closing in on our Beta release of Windows Installer 4.5 so it's time to open the Beta program.  As usual, the connect site at is the host for the program.  The Windows Installer 4.5 specific subsite is at

We're opening nominations ahead of our beta documentation and binary release.  For now, the draft white paper "Agility Trends in Package Software" is posted at  The draft paper frames the problems we're targeting with the Windows Installer 4.5 release.

UPDATE: as E notes below in the comments below, one has to sign-up for the beta program to get access to the doc.

This paper is part of the information we offered the tools vendors on the Live Meeting call we had last month. I'm still working on improved broad live meeting logistics and a bit more polished demo that I'll provide later in the beta program.  Your patience is appreciated as the information is gradually staged out of the Windows Installer team.

Thank you for joining our Windows Installer 4.5 beta program.

[Author: Robert Flaming]

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Editors note:

- Investigating broken link to paper. Edited down to be less conspicous for now.

- Fixed link to paper. Edited back up to the original text. Root Cause of Break: first time beta site administrator error in that I didn't grant permissions correctly. Thanks for the help (and patience ;^).

- Added note that one needs to sign up for the beta program to get the doc