Announcing new Compute Intensive instances

Today we are announcing two new compute intensive instances: A10 and A11. These new instances have the same performance optimizations as the existing A8 and A9 instances, but do not include the additional RDMA backend network (only the 10 Gbps front end), and are offered at a lower price. 

We created these new instances in response to customers that have told us that they like the high performance capabilities of the A8 and A9 instances, but have workloads that cannot take advantage of the RDMA backend network.

The A10 and A11 instances are ideal for embarrassingly parallel workloads that require high performance processing capabilities. They are also well suited for running single-node engineering workloads (for example, on the 16 cores that are available on a single A11 instance), or for running a parametric analysis across an engineering space.

For more information about these new instances, please read our main announcement on the Azure blog.