New Mellanox WinOF InfiniBand WHQLed Drivers: Driver Installation

Mellanox has released a new version of its WHQLed WinOF drivers. V2.0.5 build 4453


Click the download tab in the middle of the page and select the MLNX WinOF MSI v2.0.5 for x64 Platforms shortcut to begin the .msi download from . I give the first link because it references other documents of interest to anyone installing these drivers.

This release includes both a .msi package mentioned above and an INF compatible package.

To update drivers on a preinstalled system use the HPC Management console Run Command feature on group of nodes and the command:

msiexec /quiet /forcerestart /i \\headnode\Home\LocalAdmin\MLNX_WinOF_2_0_5_wlh_x64_fre_2_0_5_4453.msi

I was able to test on on a single node and it had the somewhat disconcerting effect of claiming in the Run a Command window that the command had failed. This was because it never completed cleanly due to the forced restart. This is likely to also apply to running this command from clusrun.

To use the INF install, first unzip the file MLNX_WinOF INF file v2.0.5 for x64 Platforms from the page you arrived at from clicking the Download tab above: .Then use the HPC Management console Configure->To-do List ->Manage Drivers link point to the INF directory. You may have to first remove any references to the older version of the drivers that are there from your earlier insertion of InfiniBand drivers.

Have fun and compute well,