Windows Mobile Blog Article Suggestions

Hello world. My name is Luke Nyswonger and I manage the Windows Mobile SDK documentation team in addition to promoting an active blogging community here at Microsoft. Over the past 3 months we’ve tried to put a steady stream of consumer and developer focused content out to the community for commentary and collaboration. Now we’re looking for you to help shape our future posts...

For some insight, here are some ideas that made the first round of triage for upcoming articles:

  • <secret stuff coming out soon>
  • Dream Spark: Student's Guide to Getting Started
  • Deep Dive: RIL APIs vs TAPI
  • Silverlight for Mobile
  • Game Development
  • Community discussion on mobile strategy
  • Facebook solutions in the community
  • How to upload to YouTube from your Windows Mobile Device
  • Synchronizing with the Drafts folder
  • Recording a call on a Windows Mobile device
  • Removing duplicate contacts
  • Exploring podcasting applications for Windows Mobile?
  • GPRS Settings Worldwide
  • How to capture a screenshot with .NET CF?
  • Internal FAQ: How To Stream Video From The Phone’s Camera to the PC
  • Tethering your blackjack II
  • Error logging on Windows Mobile
  • Developing a system tray homescreen plug-in
  • Determining CPU type
  • Review of Twitter and Twitter APIs (how to build a twitter app)
  • Review of homescreen customizations

And here are some ideas that were left on the cutting room floor:

  • Deep Dive: Windows Mobile version numbers and the history behind it
  • Downloading text messages for offline use
  • Solving album art issues with media player
  • Targeting both the desktop and .NET CF with the same code
  • Discussion on machine translated developer documentation
  • Internal FAQ: How To Programmatically Access the “Program Files” Path
  • Internal FAQ: How to Disable a Cab Install From Storage Card
  • GSM band reference page
  • How to hard reset the T-mobile dash
  • Restoring AT&T proxy information

You may not be able to get a complete sense for the underlying concept of the article with some of the titles, but hoping it triggers some brainstorming and conversation. How do they sound? Should we scrap em? Anything of interest you want us to go deep on? If you have a suggestion for content you’d like to see us write, let us know!