Snaplines: Using CTRL Key to Snap in Windows Forms

I was just in a meeting and learned about a Windows Forms feature I previously knew nothing of. I love Snaplines in Windows Forms 2.0/Visual Studio 2005. What I didn't know, however, is that you can use the CTRL key and the arrow keys to snap to Snaplines.

Try it! Place a Panel and a Button on a form next to one another, spaced reasonably well apart. Put another Button on the form, above and to the left of the other two controls. Now, select the second Button, press CTRL, and use the right arrow key to SNAP your Button's way across the page.

There are a few other shortcuts as well, including ALT, which temporarily disables Snaplines. For the full 411 on this feature, check out Walkthrough: Arranging Controls on Windows Forms Using Snaplines.