QoS Traffic Generator is now available on Connect

Update: This tool is no longer available on Microsoft Connect and there is no replacement download site.

I’m posting on behalf of Jim Liu who is a SDET in Windows Core Networking. -- Ari

The QoS team is pleased to announce the availability of the QoS Traffic Generator on Microsoft Connect. This tool was developed during the Windows 7 development process and has been used extensively to aid in the testing of our QoS technologies. It is a command-line based tool that generates network traffic and utilizes TC/qWave to throttle and mark packets as desired. Some notable features include:

· Ability to send traffic at a specified throughput using Winsock from one machine to another

· Throttling is performed by the application itself or through QoS APIs (Traffic Control or qWave)

· Support TCP and UDP dual-mode sockets

· Provide traffic statistics from either the source machine or destination machine

· Can be built as a static library for use in other applications

We are providing this tool as a demonstration of QoS technologies and how they may be used to produce a novel application. Both 32 and 64-bit binaries are provided along with the source code and instructions for building the static library and the accompanying executable. The application itself has usage information on the available usage options.

To download the package, go to the WNDP site on Microsoft Connect and select Downloads from the left-hand menu. Select QoS Traffic Generator. Please send us any feedback you have about the tool!

  -- Jim Liu