.NET Framework 4 and VS Beta1 docs are posted

Docs for .NET Framework 4 Beta 1, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 are now available at MSDN.


data binding builder

The new data binding builder in the WPF Designer and the Silverlight Designer

You’ll see the strong focus on line-of-business (LOB) applications in this release. In particular, binding WPF and Silverlight apps to enterprise data sets is supported in the WPF Designer: see Binding WPF Controls to Data in Visual Studio and Walkthrough: Creating a Data Binding by Using the WPF Designer for details. You’ll notice other improvements, including new LOB controls such as DataGrid, DatePicker, and  Calendar.


DataGrid with all four default column types

DataGrid displaying an AdventureWorks data set


And consider spicing up your WPF and Silverlight animations with the EasingFunction classes. They pack a lot of functionality into a tight package.


BounceEase EasingMode graphs.

BounceEase easing function


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