WPF Designer sample code is posted

If you want to author custom design-time experiences for your WPF controls, this is a good place to start.

We have samples for custom adorners, context menus, property value editors, and advanced scenarios. This code is written for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, but you should have luck with the Beta 1 bits. A Silverlight example is in preparation but isn’t posted yet.

Check out the code here: WPF and Silverlight Designer Extensibility Samples.

UPDATE: The following list shows the features that are supported by both Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend.

  • Adorners
  • Context menus
  • DesignModeValueProvider
  • Default initializers
  • All of the ModelItem features, such as selection manipulation.
  • Property grid extensibility (same as Blend 2)

Property Editors

Custom Dialog Property Value Editor

Dialog property value editor detail

Custom dialog property editor that launches a dialog to set a FileName property

Custom Inline Value Editor

Inline property value editor detail



Custom inline property value editor

Custom Extended Property Value Editor

Extended property value editor detail

Custom extended property value editor


Custom Autosize Adorner

Autosize adorner detail

Custom adorner that sets the Autosize property

Custom Rail Adorner

Opacity slider adorner detail

Custom rail adorner that adjusts the opacity of a control

Custom Inner Rail Adorner

Skew slider adorner detail

Custom rail adorner that adjusts the RenderTransform of a control

In-place Editing

In-place editing detail

Custom adorner that enables in-place text editing


Custom Context Menu

Context menu provider detail

Custom context menu that sets the Background of a control

Custom Feature Connector

Feature connector detail

Custom feature connector that displays the pending and activated designer features

Custom Surrogate Policy

Primary selection policy detail

Surrogate policy that enables a custom primary selection policy

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