All Free Developer Tools

If you are a developer you may build applications without buying any tools you need. Most of the developer tools are free today. So go ahead and get them, 

All the
tools you need

to develop for any platform – for free. Tools include an extensible integrated
development environment and code editors to create apps for macOS, Linux, and
Windows, on PC or Mac.
  • Visual
    Studio Community
  • Visual
    Studio Community for Mac
  • Visual
    Studio Code

Comprehensive set of cloud services

access to cloud services such as compute and storage, backend services for your
mobile or web apps, services for IoT, machine learning, and
  • Azure free
    account (includes 1 yr of free services, $200 for 1st month)
  • Visual
    Studio App Center
  • App Service
    free tier
  • Application
    Insights free tier

Software trials and downloads

access to software trials and downloads make it easy for you to develop for
multiple platforms.
  • SQL Server
    Developer Edition
  • Windows
    Platform VM (60 days)

World-class training and support

access to priority support, technical and professional training from industry
  • Microsoft
    Virtual Academy
  • Azure