Azure : Pricing & Licensing Overview

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How will Microsoft charge for the Azure Services Platform?

Subject to certain limits, Azure Services will be available without charge during our Community Technology Preview (CTP). Once Microsoft Azure launches for commercial use, we will offer a portfolio of services and you will be billed according to your actual consumption of each service. Based on feedback during the CTP period, pricing offers may be provided based on the following parameters.

· Windows Azure - Compute and Storage services

· .NET Services - Access Control, Service Bus, and/or Workflow Services

· SQL Services- Database service for LOB applications

· SharePoint Services (future) - SharePoint components that developers can utilize and build into their application

How will resource utilization be measured?

Monitoring agents in the Azure platform will measure specific resource utilization. However, no specific pricing or consumption models will be announced until we have received sufficient input from the user community and partners during the CTP period. This will include:

· CPU time, measured in CPU-hours

· Bandwidth for ingress/egress from the data center, measured in GBs

· Storage, measured in GBs

· Transactions, measured as requests likes Gets & Puts

How can I get support?

Microsoft will offer these services both a la carte as well as through our established business programs. Regardless of how you purchase Microsoft services, you will have access to our extensive field organization and our rich partner ecosystem. In addition, you will be able to get support through our standard support channels. We will also give you access to robust service level agreements and guarantees on quality of service.

How Can I Get Started With Azure?

· Current Timeframe – Community Technology Preview (CTP) Program

o Explore and experiment with the Azure SDKs locally

o Register to try the CTP.


· Availability Timeframe – H2 2009

o Acquire directly through the Microsoft Online Customer Portal

o Acquire though ISVs (independent software vendors): purchase an ISV application which utilizes the Azure Services Platform, and pay the ISV through their own licensing and pricing model