EF 4.1 Code First - Running SQL Queries

ADO.NET Entity Framework’s Code First 4.1 allows us to execute SQL queries directly. You may need to get one column output or quickly update a table. One thing we need to be careful about running these raw queries is that you need to be double sure about the validity of these…

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Option 1 If I want to add values to my database,

//Adding data through query
var q1 = db.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("INSERT INTO Departments(DeptName) Values('Test')");

Option 2 Now want to read data store it already available entity. You need to call .ToList() to trigger the execution.

 //Reading data through query
var q2 = db.Depts.SqlQuery("SELECT * FROM Departments").ToList();

Option 3 Want to read data but do not have any entity.

 var q3 = db.Database.SqlQuery<string>("SELECT DeptName FROM Departments").ToList();