Quantum Development Kit 0.3 Release

Here is the 0.3 release of the Quantum Development Kit!! Main

· New
quantum chemistry library
new quantum chemistry library can be used to develop quantum simulation
solutions in the chemistry domain. We worked closely with chemistry experts at
Pacific Northwest National Labs (based in Richland, WA) to bring real-world
chemistry to Q#.

· Improved
Q# developer experience

The Quantum Development Kit now delivers deeper integration with Visual Studio
and Visual Studio Code. This update includes live feedback as you type, with
errors indicated by underlined errors and warnings. Greatly increases the user
experience by providing “code hovering”, “F12 – go to definition” etc. for VS
and VS Code.

· New Q#
language capabilities

The Q# programming language has been extended in ways that unify how developers
code common operations, such as iteration over arrays, making coding in Q#
easier and faster.

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