Silverlight 3 Announced

Hurray!!! We have it finally!!!!

We have added 50 new features. It can run Silverlight video in non-browser environment. 60+ new highly customizable controls with source code are available.

  • It has auto update feature
  • And Many more....

Rich Internet Application is just a matter of choice. Be smart and have Silverlight 3.

Tools For You

  • Silverlight 3 Beta Tools for Visual Studio – this will install the developer runtime of Silverlight 3 Beta, the Visual Studio project templates and the Silverlight 3 Beta SDK
  • Silverlight 3 Beta developer runtimes: Windows or Mac. If you installed the tools above, you will get the developer runtime and there is no need to install it again. These downloads are being made available for test machines for the Windows and Mac platforms for your applications.
  • Microsoft Expression Blend 3 Preview – this is the preview version of Expression Blend that will enable authoring of Silverlight 3 Beta applications.
  • Silverlight Toolkit – the toolkit has been updated to provide an updated to Silverlight 2 controls, a new release for Silverlight 3 Beta controls, and a new themes gallery. All of these can be downloaded at the Silverlight Toolkit CodePlex project site.
  • .NET RIA Services – Microsoft .NET RIA Services simplifies the traditional n-tier application pattern by bringing together the ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms. The RIA Services provides a pattern to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations. 
  • Silverlight 3 Beta Documentation – to view the Silverlight 3 Beta documentation you can view it online or download an offline CHM help file.

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